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Visa Only for Indian Nationals The flock of birds are beautiful and free who soar from country to country without a visa or an Embassy gate. The stronger human, we've conquered space, landed on the moon, mastered technology, created our own cyberspace, but cannot enter a country without a VISA! Before entering a foreign country, travelers must usually obtain a visa. A visa is an endorsement made in a passport, which allows the passport holder to enter the country issuing the visa. Experts recommend that people prepare for their trip in advance, as travel requirements vary by country. To understand the complexities of those walls of Airspace and to know more about how to get a visa. Royalee India invites you with best regards.!

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Address : C-1/2, Hauz Khas Enclave, New Delhi.
Tel : 26659920 / 30 Fax : 26659940 / 50 
Business-Original  passport valid atleast  six month validity,2 forms,2 photos of white background, Ticket,Covering Letter on Indian company letter head addressed to The Visa Officer, Embassy Of The Republic Of Rwanda ,Invitation Letter from Rwanda, Original Yellow Fever Certificate.
Hotel booking required in place of invitation letter,rest documents are same.
Visa fee-Rs. 3750/-  Processing time - 4 to 5 working days
Service Charges : INR 1000/-

Address : D-6/13 C, Vasant Marg, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi - 110057,
Phone - 011 41026031, Fax - 011 41026032.

-Original valid passport with at least 6 month validity from the date of travel, 2 Forms.
2 color photos of white background  with 80% facical Image, Covering Letter addressed- The Visa Officer, Embassy Of The Republic Of Congo on Indian company Letter head, Ticket, Original Invitation Letter, attested by Immigration Office OR Commissioner of Police - Republic of Congo, Legalize (Authentic) Patent (Patente) letter or license of tax proof document if the invitee company, Original yellow fever Card.

Fees : -

15 Days to 01 month Single Entry- Rs. 9000/-    Multiple Entries  Rs.14000/-
3 Months Single Entry-Rs.15000/- 3 Months Multiple Entry Rs.20000/-
6 Months Single Entry-Rs.23000/- 6 Months  Multiple Entry-Rs.28000/-
01 Year  Single Entry-Rs.35000/- 1 Year Multiple Entry-Rs.40000/-
Address : D-6/6, Vasant Vihar New Delhi.110057
Tel: 26140447.26140700 Fax: 26140611
Business:1Form, 2 Photos white background, Covering letter, Invitation  letter attested from  office of Immigration Ministry of External Affairs in Bucharest, taking Responsibity of the pax including boarding, lodging &  his or her repatriation with Romania company Registration Number, Hotel Booking, Personal Bank Statement last 6 months to till date atleast Rs. 50,000 balance and should not be older than 5 days , Credit Card Copy , Original Insurance Policy with company seal stamp (policy valid alteast  for 10 days), Foreign Exchange, Return Ticket & Authority letter from applicant on original company's letter head in  our favour

 Hotel Booking  required in place of Invitation letter, rest docs are same.
Fee Rs. 5100/-  & Token Charges applicable   
Time Taken
 - 4/15 days as all Visas referred for approval to Romania



Address : Shantipath, Chanakya Puri, New Delhi 110021
Tel: 26873799, 26873800, Fax: 26876823
Business: 1 Form, 2 Photos white background, Covering letter, Invitation attested by Ministry of  Home Affairs in Russia, Ticket.

1 Form, 2 Photos ,Covering letter, Original Hotel Confirmation and Original Hotel Voucher from Russia,Ticket. 
Fee Single Entry- Rs.3915/-    Double Entry- Rs.6705/-  Multiple Entry- Rs.8317/-  Transfer visa-Rs.3200/-
Express visa  fees- Single Entry- Rs.6705/-    Double Entry- Rs.9495/-  Multiple Entry- Rs.11107/-               
Application Online Service Charge- Rs.1000/-

Time Taken
 - 2days. Service Charge
- Rs.500/-